Textures are the ‘skins’ of the walls, buildings, floors and landscape.

By changing textures you can make buildings and walls look different, and better


Here’s the comparison between AQ2 PRO‘s textures and default q2online textures:


AQ2 PRO                                                                      Q2online



Where do i find my textures


Textures-folder that contains your current textures, will be located by default in:


AQ2 PRO: action quake 2/action/textures

Q2online: C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\.q2online\action\textures



AQ2 PRO has 3 textures- folders. The difference will be explained below:


textures: This is the main default folder for textures. It contains the newest textures exclusively made for AQ2 PRO, that can’t be obtained elsewhere.

textures-q2pro: This folder contains the original .wal textures. These textures will be available for almost every AQ2 version. Q2online uses these textures purely.

textures-alt: This folder contains some enhanced textures in .tga format. These textures can be obtained from a  few versions of AQ2.