➤ When I start the game, this message pops up:


 AQ2 Pro

This might refer to one of the following:

  • You are starting AQ2 directly from the q2pro.exe

    Start AQ2 by using the shortcut the installer created to your Desktop, or the launcher that is located inside your installation directory ( launcher.exe) .

  • You don’t have q2pro application in your installation directory

    Make sure you have q2pro.exe in your installation directory, under the same folder as launcher.exe

➤ When I start the game, this message pops up:

  • You are starting AQ2 directly from the q2pro.exe

    Start q2online from the java launcher, which can be downloaded by clicking here!

➤ How to reset settings

 AQ2 Pro

To reset specific settings:

  • go to menu

  • select settings

  • browse to a menu which settings you would like to reset

  • click reset to default

  • select Yes, reset

 To reset all settings:

  • type command ‘ recovery ‘ on the console

  • type ‘ confirm ‘ on the console to confirm the reset

If nothing above does not help:

  • delete the q2config from your install directory

  • launch the game

  • type command ‘ recovery ‘

  • type command ‘ confirm ‘

  • Use command ‘resetall


  • Delete q2config.cfg from Appdata/Local/.q2online/action and re-launch the game

➤ Fullscreen doesn’t work / Resolution is wrong

  • Delete all your video commands in your autoexec and from other custom cfg’s

  • Launch the game, go to video settings, and click reset to default

  • Select the desired resolution 

➤ Can I use custom cfg such as autoexec with AQ2 PRO/AQ2 PRO Lite?

  • Yes you can. But. Using some triggers or aliases could make some features on AQ2 PRO unavailable and mess up some settings since they are already implemented in it. I recommend first checking out what AQ2 Pro can offer, and then making a cfg, if a certain option is not available.

➤ I want to have all the maps instead of downloading them when joining a server

      Click here!