AQ2 REV is an AQ2 mod idea which includes more balanced set of the weapons and items.


All examples are preliminary


Weapon damage

This page will explain the differences AQ2 REV- would make comparing to the old TNG version. All examples are preliminary. The weapon balance on the TNG is definitely not adequate.
These tables will show the damage calculation on AQ2 TNG ( 2.81 74effbf ), and what is could be on the AQ2 Rev.


(damage short range) / ( damage long range )
{s} = single barrel
{d} = double barrel



The weapon names on the weaponmenu would be:
  • H&K MP5 A5

Will give the player MP5 Submachine gun


  • Benelli M3 Super 90

Will give the player M3 Shotgun


  • Sawed off

Will give the player Handcannon


  • SIG Sauer SSG 3000

Will give the player SSG Sniper Rifle


  • Colt M4A1

Will give the player M4 Assault Rifle


  • Combat knives

Will give the player 15 combat knives ( 30 with bandolier )


Option for Akimbo Pistols would be removed







Add a little inaccuracy for the weapons when moving by using bob_roll, bob_pitch and bob_up variables:

MP5 A5:

bob_roll 0.002

bob_pitch 0.002

bob_up 0.002

Benelli M3:

bob_roll 0.004

bob_pitch 0.002

bob_up 0.002


bob_roll 0.004

bob_pitch 0.002

bob_up 0.002

Handcannon / Sawed off:

bob_roll 0.002

bob_pitch 0.002

bob_up 0.002

SSG 3000:

bob_roll 0.004

bob_pitch 0.003

bob_up 0.003

Dual pistols:

bob_roll 0.002

bob_pitch 0.001

bob_up 0.001

Single pistol, knife and M26 grenade:

bob_roll 0.001

bob_pitch 0.001

bob_up 0.001


  • Kevlar vest

Selecting Kevlar vest will decrease the damage done to Chest-area in accordance with the damagetable above
  • Kevlar helmet

Selecting Kevlar helmet will decrease the damage done to Head-area in accordance with the damagetable above
  • Stealth Kit

Selecting Stealth Kit will give the player 2 items;
 > Stealth slippers
 > Suppressor ( Silencer on TNG )
Stealth slippers will mute the player’s footsteps
Suppressor changes the weaponsounds of MP5, M4A1, Pistol and Sniper Rifle to silencer.wav
Suppressor will reduce the spread of the weapons 50% of the TNG’s lasersight
Selecting Stealth Kit will also mute the player’s Sniper scoping sound for other players. This features is not tied to neither of the items. ( The effect remains, even after dropping both items )
  • Equipment vest

Selecting Equipment vest will give the player: 
 > Equipment vest  ( Bandolier on TNG )
 > Lasersight
Lasersight will reduce the spread of the items 2x times the TNG volume
Lasersight will also force all the bob_roll, bob_pitch and bob_up values to 0.001 for every single weapon
Equipment vest will give the player;
– 1 Grenade
– 2x ammo for primary weapon
– 2 pistols with 4 magazines overall
– 5 knives


Item stacking:


Every player can pickup 1 additional item besides the chosen one.

Only exception is with Equipment vest, where player can pick 2 additional items in right circumstances.


Here is a table what players can pick when they have chosed a certain item:


Other changes:

Player’s weaponsounds, when using a suppressor would be panned to center for other players
Decrease the spread and time for semi-automatic and burst fire for MP5, M4A1 and pistol
Remove the short, medium and long range feature for M26, and instead use the same method for base Quake 2 grenades. The range of the throw will increase as player holds the +attack keyThe maximum throw range would be around 1.5 times the TNG’s maximum ( at long range throw )
Equipment vest (bandolier) keeps count the remaining knives, grenade, and ammo
Dropping Equipment vest will drop the extra item aswell ( Suppressor or Laser sight ).  If the player has Helmet or Slippers with Equipment vest, they are dropped first.
M26 Grenade does less damage when using Kevlar vest or Kevlar helmet


Page edited: 30.5.17