AQ2 PRO Lite


AQ2 PRO Lite is a trimmed version of the new AQ2 PRO. AQ2 PRO Lite maintains same unique features like the full version with a much smaller filesize, by sacrificing some of the options such as textures and sounds. AQ2 PRO Lite will give you overall the same experience than you would with the full version, just on a much smaller packet.



  • Improved textures, skins, and models

  • Better menus to offer more commands

  •  New sounds with less static

  • New commands and features

  • Much cleaner root directory

  • Option to use old textures, player models and/or sounds

  • No need to use autoexec.cfg or other configurefiles

  • Installing to a custom directory is possible

  • Custom launcher for AQ2; no launch options or commands needed

  • Client has not been modified. The game will work just like the regular q2pro+ 


Download AQ2 PRO Lite



Download is 876MB



What’s different?

As with the full version, textures has been improved to more high resolution ones. Same for models, skins and skyboxes

Q2online / q2pro+                                                                   AQ2 PRO





Changing fonts and styles:

Changing hud fonts and styles:

Changing crosshairs and scopes:

Changing weaponskins:


Try AQ2 PRO Lite


Download is 876MB


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