AQ2 PRO  is an action quake 2 -pack, with new unique features.  It contains new skins, models, pictures, sounds, menus commands and more. AQ2 PRO is easy to setup directly from the  menus. It also contains commands and features which makes changing and settings certain things easier for the user. Were you a beginner, or a professional player, AQ2 PRO is the way to go.



  • Improved textures, skins, and models

  • Better menus to offer more commands

  •  New sounds with less static

  • New commands and features

  • Much cleaner root directory

  • Option to use old textures, player models and/or sounds

  • No need to use autoexec.cfg or other configurefiles

  • Installing to a custom directory is possible

  • Custom launcher for AQ2; no launch options or commands needed

  • Client has not been modified. The game will work just like the regular q2pro+ 


Download AQ2 PRO



Download is 1.9GB



What’s different?

The most noticeable difference is probably the visuals. Textures has been changed to high resolution ones. Same for models, skins and skyboxes

Q2online / q2pro+                                                                          AQ2 PRO






Change skins, and texture- and skystyles from the menu:



Change fonts and styles from the menu



Download is 1.9GB