AQ2 PRO’s features

AQ2 PRO offers brand new features which haven’t been part of any Action Quake 2 version. 

Here’s some features you didn’t know AQ2 PRO even had!



  • Moving between menus using console commands


You can move to different settings in menus by using console commands. 

For example, if you type ‘mouse‘ in the console, the game will take you to the mouse setup menu.

This will work for every menupage available, and to see the full list of commands, type ‘menuhelp‘ in the console




  • Changing a lot of settings using console commands


You can also change a lot of game relating settings with console commands

For example, command texturemode1 will enable the newest textures, texturemode2 enables original textures,

and texturemode3 enables AprQ2 stylish textures (not Lite version).

Changing sky styles works the same, options being skymode1 (Newest style) and skymode2 (Original skies)


texturemode2 with skymode2                                                       texturemode1 with skymode1    

texturemode1 with skymode2                                                       texturemode2 with skymode1

If you don’t like the map’s default sky, you can use an alternative sky.

Type sky_ in the console and press TAB to see available skies to use.


  • Player skins

Use commands skins(1-4) to change your default Teamplay-player skins!


skins1            skins2           skins3           skins4


  • Hud styles

Commands hud_style(1-5) will affect the icons in your HUD

Commands hud_numbers(1-8) will affect the numbers in your HUD

Do not use scr_scale command! Use hud_size(1-3) to change HUD size. Otherwise your hud might look pixelated when using large or really small HUD. AQ2 PRO prevents this by using different sets of hudfonts for each hudsize.

scr_scale has to be 2 all the time



  • Sniper scopes and crosshairs

Command scope will open the scope selection menu. Commands scope(1-16) will enable a scope. Scopes are numbered as they appear on the menu.

You can also change the sniperscope size by using commands scopescale(1-3) 1 being smallest and 3 biggest.


Command ch will open the crosshair selection menu. Command chcolor will open the crosshaircolor selection menu.

You can also change the crosshair size by using commands ch_size(1-3) 1 being smallest and 3 biggest.

Do not use ch_scale command! Use ch_size(1-3) to change crosshairsize, so you can set independent sizes for sniperscope and the crosshair.

ch_scale has to be 1 all the time




  • Using console for chat messages

I bet you know when you are typing a chatmessage, and you accidentally start the sentence with a console command, so you will have to put a .dot in front of it.

You could also use the messagemode command, but then you wouldn’t see and select the previous messages.

Well, AQ2 PRO has an option to use console for sending chatmessages. Without needing dots . . .

In the console setup menu, you can select if you want to use console for sending chat messages, or the original top-of-the-screen messagemode.

And, you can also choose if you are willing to do this for Team and/or Public messages.


messagemode command

Enable console chat in the console setup menu


  • Hitsounds

You are probably familiar with the built-in hitsound option in q2pro+.

AQ2 PRO offers not only that, but an option to change if the hitsounds play only on headshots or helmetshots.

In AQ2 PRO there has also been added different sounds for Stomach, Legs, and Kevlar Helmet.

There has also been added 2 options; Frag sound and Death sound. These are short sounds which will play when you either die, or get a frag.