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If you are using AQ2 PRO, you should definitely check these features you might not even know about!

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AQ2 PRO Lite is now downloadable! AQ2 PRO Lite is half the size of the full version, size being 876MB.


Also, the AQ2 PRO will have an update to fix few issues. Don’t worry, updating your old version (7th of November) only takes about a minute, and will not mess with your gamesettings.

To update your AQ2 PRO, you can click the “check for updates” in the launcher and click UPDATE to download the update.

Alternatively, you can click here.


Windows Smartscreen might attack this updater packet, not sure why. Just skip it by clicking ‘More info‘ and ‘Run anyway






The trimmed version of the new AQ2 PRO will be downloadable this weekend. I’ll try to make the installer size less than 1 GB

This version of AQ2 PRO will work just like the new one, differences being mainly smaller amount of options, such as texturemodes and sounds.







New AQ2 PRO is now downloadable! To see what’s new in this version click here!





Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties AQ2 PRO will not be downloadable today.

Estimated release will be tomorrow 8th of November. 





The estimated release of the new AQ2 PRO will be 7th of November.

Stay tuned!





Before the newest version of AQ2 PRO will be released, you can submit your requests for AQ2 PRO. 

If you have an idea that something should be changed or added to the version click here!





Good news!


AQ2 PRO will get a new version! The new version is going to offer new cool features and options, also fixing some errors and reducing the installer size.


The estimated release would be in the beginning of November. Stay tuned!




Vote MAPS for re-texturing for the future versions of AQ2 PRO in here!




AQ2 PRO can now be downloaded on the downloads page! The download is 1.9GB so book yourself time for it.



Due to the problems of Internet, and computer issues, AQ2 PRO should be downloadable tonight in the 4th of June.  Sorry for inconvenience.





The new AQ2 Package, AQ2 PRO will be available for download in 3rd of June





AQ2 MBD will have a new enhanced version  of it with a new name and stuff and thus the old MBD will become obsolete. The expected release for the new version will be 1st of June. Stay tuned!





Welcome the the new site actionquake.net ! Site will get a new look and will be improved. The content of the site will also focus more on the game overall than custom things.