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Welcome to front page of Action!



New AQ2 PRO is now downloadable! >Download here<

The AQ2 PRO Lite is not available anymore. Instead, the filesize of AQ2 PRO has been reduced to 700MB, without the high resolution textures.

>You can download the textures separately here<

Please report any bugs, errors and such on the help page, or directly to me in Discord.

– dynamic



2019 version of AQ2 PRO is estimated to be downloadable on 4th of February. will also be fully functional by then.

In addition, since both AQ2World, and AQ2 Suomi are down, will have a link to a new AQ2 Forum to discuss AQ2 related topics.

AQ2 does have a discord channel though, where you should definitely join to:




Good news! will be refined during the next week or two. All the links will be fixed and the site will run normally again.

Also. AQ2 PRO and AQ2 PRO Lite packages will be renewed and updated. Unfortunately, the previous versions of AQ2 PRO and AQ2 PRO Lite (November 2017) is no longer available.

The aim to get these finished is by the end of January.